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  Distributor of the following products:

Accord Premier
Afco Products
ARC Racing Products
Areo Wheels
Bilstein Shocks
Briggs and Stratton
Burris Racing Products
CIK Body Work
CMS Body Work
Cunningham Racing Engines
CV Products
Denso Spark Plugs
Dragon Skin Clutches
Dyno Cams
EK Kart Chain
Enginetic Brake Systems
Falcon Wheels
Fel-Pro Gaskets
Fun Karts & Accessories
G-Man Bodies
Gold Speed Sprockets
Honda Engines
Hoosier Tires
Hortsman Clutches
Kirky Racing Seats
Klotz Lubricants
Lighting Lite Seats / Bodies
Longacre Products
Max-Torque Clutches
MCP Brake Systems
Mikuni Fuel Pumps
Mini Bike’s & Accessories
Mishue Motorsports
NGK Spark Plugs
Noram Clutches
Pro Race Cars
Pro Shocks
Racing Optics
Rebco Products
Ringers Mechanics Gloves
RJS Safety Equipment
RLV Products
Robertson Torque Tubes
Robic Stopwatches
Safrits Edge Seats
Slack Performance
Steve Smith Books
Tomar Clutches
TXM Race Engines
Ultra Shield
Vortex Clutches
Walbro Fuel Pumps

Karts and Parts

RCM Racing Equipment is a dealer for SLACK Karts and we still provide Tech Support for the Bicknell X-Kaliber lines.

2008 X-Kaliber II chassis powder coated silver.

 We often have used karts for sale that are available in different stages. If you are a beginner looking for something to get started with, or want to update your current ride, we can get you rolling.
In the parts department we have just about everything in stock that you're going to need to get your kart race ready. Here are some samples of items that we ship daily:

Various 6” Douglas wheels in stock – ask about our tire mounting service.

Various size aluminum steering wheels, shafts and toe locks.

Gas and brake pedal linkage assemblies.

Seat mounting hardware – fits most karts JR and SR. Seat mounting is very critical for chassis performance; RCM has fitted many karters in order for them to be comfortable.

Spindle assemblies, L-brackets, hubs, tie rods and heim ends.

Complete rear axle assemblies, including lightweight sprocket hub, left rear weight jacker, hubs, brake rotor hub, axle collars, and bearings. Anodized or black oxide for superior looking finish.

Full hoop rear bumper, fits Bicknell and Slack chassis. Senior style bumper also available.

Side nerf bars with body mounting tabs, fits both Bicknell and Slack chassis.

Front bumper with tabs for foot floor pan and body mounts. Fits Bicknell and Slack chassis also.

Martin custom products (MCP) brake systems including lines and fittings.

Distributor for Burris, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone and Maxxis tires.

WMS - Williams Tru Roll Wheels

Adjustable Axle Cassette

Hoosier Kart Tires

RCM Racing Equipment is an authorized dealer for the following manufacturers.


· Bicknell Racing Products
· Briggs & Stratton / Animal Engines & Parts
· Checkered Flag Fuels
· Digatron
· Dominator Racing Engines / Honda
· Dragon Racewear
· JP Racing Engines / Honda
· Leaf Racewear
· Longacre Racing Products
· Majestic Racing Bodies
· MWF Mike Westwood Fabrication
· Wilder Racing Engines / Briggs
· Palmetto Speed Shop / Tire Preps
· Performance Manufacturing
· Slack Karts
· Stroke 4 Cycle Racing Oil
· TXM Race Engines / Honda
· Valhalla 360 Device



Stroke 4 Cycle Light Racing Oil / 1 Gal

K&N Style Air Filters 8” & 4 “, Klotz Fabric Filter Oil, Outerwear Pre Filters- Colors Red, Black, Blue, & Yellow. RLV Foam Pre Filters.

Briggs & Stratton Engines & Parts- Fuel Tank

Walbro or Mikuni Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, and Fuel Line

Denso or NGK Spark Plugs – Up to six heat ranges

RLV Pipes, Mufflers, Clamps, Header Wrap. Robertson Torque Tubes

We have all Briggs engine parts in stock for your Raptor Racing Engines. Connecting Rods Briggs or ARC, all size Pistons, Valves, Ring Sets both Briggs & Burris, Flowmaster Carbs by Mishue Motorsports or Wilder Racing Engines, Carb Supports, Dyno Cams, Lifters, and Springs.

Horstman Greased Lightning Disc Clutch & Weight Kit
Draggin Skin Clutch Kit includes 13, 14, 15 Drivers and three sets of Springs

Plastic Sprocket Guard
SteelBrake Rotor Guard
Aluminum Clutch Guard / Heat Shield

Aluminum Catch Tank with Fittings & Clamps

Briggs or Honda 15 Degree Aluminum Engine Mount with Steel Clamps. Adjustable left to right. Black Oxide Finish.

Williams Spockets
Standard and Skip Tooth

Corner Spped II
Bondatti Atomic Punch Tire Prep
Bondatti Goat “P” Tire Softener

Digatron or My-Chron Karting Instruments
Shown Digatron DT 46K complete with mounting kit & leads

Longacre Tire Guage 0-15 LBS or 0-30
Longacre Stopwatch – Robic 808 200 Lap Memory & Backlight
Performance Manufacturing Camber Gauge with 5/8 Spindle Adaptor.

EK Silver Pro & RLV Extreme Chain & Breaker #35 & 219

G-Man Plastic Offset Body Kit & Fairing /4 Pieces. Colors – Red, Black, White, Blue, & Yellow

CIK 4 Piece Body Kit – Colors Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, White, & Silver

Aluminum Top Gun Steering Wheels- Colors Standard Black, Unpainted, and Special Order .

Protect that expensive lettering. Grafhix savers are made from flexible and durable lexan. They are easily installed with hardware kit provided.

NEW Briggs Aluminum Chain Guard with Heat Shield & Tank Support

MYCHRON 4 Tach, Temp, & Timing System

ISC Racer Tape - Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Purple, and White

Kart Racewear Wedge Style Neck Collar

Valhalla 360 Device
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