Lambert Race Engine Service



Sean is asking that anyone wanting their Briggs Flathead, LO 206, Clone Engine freshened or placing orders for New Engines, please be proactive and get it done soon to avoid delays in the spring. This is mainly due to part shortages and lengthy wait times to receive orders.

Completed Rebuilds and New Purchases can be picked up or shipped for customer convenience.

  • Briggs LO 206 Top End Rebuilds.
  • Briggs LO 206 Canadian Stamped Short Blocks
  • Briggs Flathead / Raptor Engine Rebuilds
  • WKA Legal
  • Clone Engine Rebuilds
  • AKRA Legal
  • Contact us for current pricing and service requirements

FLOWBENCH TESTING – Carburetors & Cylinder Heads
New Canadian Stamped Briggs LO 206 Engines, LO 206 Short Blocks, Briggs Flathead & Clone Engines Rebuilt Dynoed and Race Ready. Contact Sean for availability.

Contact Sean Lambert  Cell / Text 343-263-2450