SMC Aggressor Clutch


2 Disc


INCLUDES: One #35 or #219 Sprocket 

NEW AGGRESSOR 6×6 Clutch Advantages:

  • Hard Pressure Plate – improves lever operation and durability
  • Hard Pressure Plate and Hard Back Plate – improves performance of the clutch disc
  • Longer Drive Hub Attachment Screws – resist vibration, eliminates thread lockers, easier to install and remove
  • Precision Machining – parts fit together well
  • Cheap Maintenance – pressure plate and back plate can be refinished on a flat surface with sandpaper, no special equipment or skill required
  • High Quality Components – Aggressor clutches contains many of the same parts used in SMC’s professional-grade Vortex clutches
  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer of clutch sprockets and discs since 1995
  • Structure Mechanics Corporation (SMC) – a reputable engineering company in business since 1983×6-2-Disc-Engine-Clutch-Instructions.pdf